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Buying a home is most likely the biggest financial decision you will make. You want to make certain that you are financially ready. Our certified credit counselors will sit down with you and review your financial picture and then together we will determine if homeownership makes sense for you. We can also help you with a budget and savings plan, if you are not quite ready, but have homeownership as a goal.

We offer two education programs for prospective home buyers. One is a classroom setting and the other is an online course.

Opening the Door to Homeownership is a day-long class that gives you a “deep dive” into every aspect of the home buying process and homeownership. Sessions are taught by a certified credit counselor with area experts presenting on home buying, loans, insurance and inspection.

The online course is entitled Framework, please contact our office at 800-350-2227 for further details.

Our certified credit counselors can also work with current homeowners facing foreclosure. We will offer our helping hand by discussing all options and exploring all possible solutions with you.

Whatever your situation may be, our main goal is that we help you along the road to financial wellness!

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