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Student Loan Counseling

Americans owe an estimated $1.465 trillion in student loans and this amount is increasing annually. When it comes time to repay your loans, you may struggle with the payments and the myriad of repayment options you are forced to choose from. The experienced student loan counselors at CCCS can discuss your options with you, and, if needed, assist you with the applications or paperwork necessary to change your repayment plan or to enroll in a forgiveness program. We have helped hundreds manage their student loan debt.

Student Loan Repayment Plans & Student Loan Forgiveness Programs


Student loan repayment options are numerous, and it may be overwhelming to wade through the details and qualifications when trying to find the one that best suits your needs. Our qualified student loan counselors, using the most up-to-date information provided by the federal student loan database, can discuss in detail your options, and help simplify the process. There is no fee for an appointment in which your options are simply discussed or for any resources given to you. We will answer your questions and point you in the direction that you feel is best for you once you have made a more informed decision.


While our student loan counselors are happy to provide you with all the resources necessary for you to complete repayment plan or forgiveness applications yourself, you may wish to have our agency assist you directly with the completion and submission of the forms or paperwork. We offer this service, at a fee of $50 per hour, at your request. You are under no obligation and you will not be pressured to use this service. If you do wish to use our service, our student loan counselors will gather the information required, assist you with filling out any forms, and ensure their proper submission. (We do not guarantee acceptance or admittance to any federal plan or program. The fee is paid up-front and is non-refundable.)

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