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Your Responsibilities

The success of your debt management plan has a lot to do with making certain you follow the guidelines outlined in the plan. We understand that a DMP is a big commitment and in some cases can be difficult. It takes a team effort to get you on the road to financial success!

We ask that you agree with the following guidelines while you are on your DMP:

  • Contact our agency immediately if you are unable to make a payment.
  • If you pursue and are approved for a consolidation loan, do not send the money directly to your creditors. Payment should be given to CCCS for disbursement through the set DMP.
  • You need to give up all your credit cards.
  • Avoid accumulating any additional debt i.e. loans.
  • Change your payment dates to correspond with your program payment.
  • Verify the interest rates and fees on your credit card statements every month to assure the agreement is being adhered to.

It seems like a lot, but our clients will agree that it is worth it!

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