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What is a Debt Management Program?

Large credit card debt eats at your financial well-being in two ways. First, are the monthly payments. Then, the high-rate interest fees on your balance makes it seem nearly impossible to substantially bring those balances down.

Our certified credit counselors will work with you to find debt management solutions that best fit your situation. Many times, the best solution is a debt management plan (DMP). A DMP is a spending plan customized to each client’s unique situation for repaying debts over a specific period of time. Its purpose is to offer you a way to become debt-free by resolving your financial crisis.

We work with many creditors to:

  • Reduce interest rates and/or monthly payments.
  • Stop late and over-limit fees.
  • Re-age delinquent accounts to reflect status.

Our Debt Management Program can help you manage your debt and regain control of your finances. Our debt solutions have helped many people to repay their debt faster.

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