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Financial Workshops

The basics of “real-life” financial situations are rarely taught in schools. If we are proactive, we may attend workshops or classes, but most of us learn from experience and not necessarily a good one!

Consumer Credit Counseling Service is a strong advocate for financial literacy. We believe that the more information you have for “real life” financial situations ahead of time, the better prepared you will be to navigate these situations successfully.

CCCS will gladly speak to your classroom, workplace or service group on just about any financial literacy topic you feel is important. We have over 30 different presentation topics that can be tailored to your specific audience or need. Our more popular topics include:

  • Stretching Your Food Dollar
  • Teaching Your Children About Money
  • Understanding Student Loans Pre and Post College
  • You and Your Credit Report
  • Understanding Your Tax Assessment
  • Beating the Financial Squeeze
  • How to Get out of Debt Faster

We believe knowledge is power and the more you know, will help you achieve a brighter financial future!

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