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Borrowing for a college education is pretty simple, but repaying student debt might not be. Are you having difficulty finding the right repayment option for your situation?

In some cases, the decisions you make will impact your life for years to come.”

We are here to help. You are not alone!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I pay for assistance with my student loans? I’ve heard that anyone who charges money to help me with financial aid or student loan repayment is probably a scam.
You do not need to pay anyone to help you manage your student debt. While we can help you understand all viable options, we do not have access to special deals, and we cannot offer debt relief.
What’s different about getting help at CCCS is that we’ll take the time to look at your entire financial picture,and we can advocate for you by asking the right questions. We can then steer you toward the optimal plan for your unique situation. We want you to understand the costs and benefits of different interest rates and repayment options that could be with you for the life of your loan.
Can CCCS help me save money on my student loan payments?
CCCS Certified Student Loan Counselors are able to help you formulate student loan repayment strategies that could reduce the amount of interest you will pay over the life of your loan. CCCS can also help you understand how your student loan payment activity will impact your credit score. A good credit score qualifies you for lower interest rates when you obtain financing, saving you money well into the future.
What else can working with a CCCS Certified Student Loan Counselor help me with?
If you’ve had trouble making your student loan payments, CCCS can help you develop a plan to help you to get back on track. We’ll make sure your rights as a borrower are being protected, discrepancies with your loans are resolved, and that you’re getting answers to your questions. In unique circumstances, we help people identify potential options for loan cancellation, discharge, or forgiveness.

  • Student Loan Consultation –NO COST:
    We can help you:
    ■ Review your entire financial situation
    ■ Understand your student loans and repayment options
    ■ Find free resources to help you manage student debt
    ■ Create an action plan to help you manage your budget

    Need more assistance? Struggling to make payments?In default? Eligible for student loan forgiveness?

  • Student Loan Counseling – $50/session - up to 2 hours
    ■ A certified student loan counselor can help you:
    ■ Contact your loan servicer
    ■ Complete paperwork or forms related to your student loans
    ■ Conduct analysis of student loan repayment options
    ■ Help you to determine your eligibility for:

    Direct Consolidation Loan
    Deferment, Forbearance, Interest Rebates
    Income-driven repayment
    Forgiveness, Discharge, Cancellation options

    ■ Create a plan to bring delinquent loans current or rehabilitate defaulted loans


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