Financial Wellness

What is Financial Wellness?

“Wellness” in regard to finances should be defined just as it is in other parts of life. You want a normal, happy life for you and your family. That means functioning comfortably day to day, without anxiety, without a feeling that you’re about to lose everything you’ve worked for.

Is financial wellness a goal you’re trying to reach, but can’t quite yet grasp? You’re not alone. CCCS can offer a helping hand, by helping you to plan for a brighter financial future.

Financial Wellness Includes:

• Basic knowledge of banking, credit, borrowing
• Budgeting, saving, investing
• Taxes
• Insurance
• Protection of assets (such as home)
• Retirement planning

Financial Wellness Offers Improvements In:

• Job performance
• Marital and personal relationships
• Stability and security for the long-term future
• Assurance of a comfortable retirement

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