Are you at risk of missing a mortgage payment?

Have you fallen behind with your mortgage payments?

You’ve worked hard to acquire your home. You’ve put good money and long hours of work into it. Your home has become a part of you and your family. Now, because of late or missing mortgage payments, you’ve received legal paperwork threatening foreclosure.

You’re not alone in facing this situation. Our trained counselors will discuss your options with you. We offer our helping hand by exploring all possible solutions. We want to help you achieve your goals as they relate to your home and finances, and to plan for a brighter financial future.

Please note that we do not give any legal advice. If you have legal questions, you should contact an attorney.

If your primary residence was involved in a foreclosure process between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010, you may be eligible for compensation or remedy. For more information visit: