Personal Budgeting

How can you get your spending under control?

What can you do about your debts?

Keep two things in mind:

  1. You are in debt because you spent more than you earned.
  2. You can only get out of debt by spending less than you earn, while paying back what you borrowed or owe.
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There are no shortcuts.

Whatever the cause of the debt—medical costs, emergencies, job loss, separation or divorce, gambling, free spending, easy credit—you’ll need to pay off your debts, or accept bankruptcy. You might find that frightening. But remember, you’re not alone in facing these tough facts. CCCS has had over a century of experience helping people like you. We don’t play the “blame game” and point an accusing finger at you; instead, we offer a helping hand. Take that hand now, grasp it firmly as we help you to face the facts, confront them, and do something about them.

Talk with one of our budget counselors. The two of you can begin analyzing your current situation with two simple, time-tested tools:

  • A personal balance sheet, built around your unique circumstances.
  • A spending plan that addresses your financial goals.

These tools will show you plainly the status of your family’s financial habits and current financial situation. You may be surprised—maybe even a little scared.

Contact CCCS to talk with one of our budget counselors.

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