Rent Smart

Do you know your rights as a tenant?

Rent Smart is a comprehensive, modular course for the renter. It covers the legal rights of the tenant, but mostly, it emphasizes skills and knowledge that prevents the need for legal confrontations in the first place. Rent Smart concentrates on the advantages of looking at the landlord / tenant relationship as mutually beneficial, rather than being one necessarily based on conflict.

Rent Smart helps participants:

  • Overcome difficulties in finding rental housing
  • Become first-time renters (for students or others starting a new life)
  • Leverage your credit report to secure rental housing
  • Check the rental unit’s and landlord’s reputations
  • Benefit by developing a cooperative relationship with their landlords
  • Resolve problems with neighbors and landlords
  • Develop housing stability, avoiding the disruptive need to move often

For more information about Rent Smart, please contact our office at 1-800-350-2227.

CCCS Rent Smart Graphic