Advocacy Programs of Family Service Association of Sheboygan, Inc. is a community-based nonprofit organization. We have been certified by the State of Wisconsin since 1990 as certified corporate guardians for adults in need of guardianship services. We also provide representative payee services for individuals who need assistance in handling their personal financial affairs.

Representative Payee
We are recognized by both Social Security and the Veterans Administration to help individuals who are required to have a representative payee to manage their monthly income and pay their bills. Annual accountings are required by both agencies. Payee services are also offered on a voluntary basis and can include managing other sources of income.

We are certified by the State of Wisconsin Department of Health & Family Services to provide corporate guardianship services to Wisconsin residents. We are appointed and monitored by the circuit court of each county we serve. We currently serve clients throughout the State of Wisconsin.

We can act as a conservator for individuals who no longer wish to handle their own financial affairs or their estate. This program requires a Circuit Court appointment and an annual accounting to the court.

Estate Services
We are available to serve as Special Administrator or Personal Representative of estates.

Veterans Fiduciary
We can also serve as fiduciary to protect Veterans or other beneficiaries who due to injury, disease or due to age are unable to manage their financial affairs.

Service fees
Charges for services are approved by the Circuit Court, the Social Security Administration, the Veterans Administration, local county human service department or other care providers/contracted services. In some cases, fees can be billed to other agencies.