Is there someone to look after the best interests of you or your loved ones?

Advocacy Programs of Family Service Association of Sheboygan, Inc. is a community based non-profit organization.   We have been certified by the State of Wisconsin since 1990 as certified Corporate Guardians for adults in need of guardianship services. We also provide representative payee services for individuals who need assistance in handling their personal financial affairs.


Advocacy Programs can act as a conservator for individuals who no longer wish to handle their own financial affairs or their estate. This program requires a Circuit Court appointment and an annual accounting to the court.

Estate Services

We are available to serve as Special Administrator or Personal Representative of estates.

Trustees Services

We can serve as trustee for small trusts for a nominal fee.

Service Fees

Charges for services are approved by the Circuit Court, the Social Security Administration, the Veteran’s Administration, local County Human Service Department or other care providers/contracted services.

In some cases, fees can be billed to other agencies.


We are certified by the State of Wisconsin Department of Health & Family Services to provide Corporate Guardianship services to Wisconsin residents. We are appointed and monitored by the Circuit Court of each county we serve. We currently serve clients throughout the state of Wisconsin.

We serve clients when family is either unavailable or unwilling to serve, or in cases of abuse or neglect.

As Guardian of Person, we assure each client’s medical and personal needs are met. Consideration is given to the wishes of the client and family as it relates to their physical and mental condition as well as their living environment. We work with various other professionals as client’s needs arise.

As Guardian of Estate, we provide a broad array of duties and responsibilities relating to financial issues. This includes pursuing and maintaining eligibility of benefits from the state of Wisconsin and managing property and investments. We are capable of handling estates of all sizes and can be bonded upon request of the court.

Representative Payee

Advocacy Programs is recognized by both Social Security and the Veteran’s Administration to help individuals who are required to have a payee to manage their monthly income and pay their bills. Annual accountings are required by both agencies.

Payee services are also offered on a voluntary basis and can include managing other sources of income.



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  • We Will:
    • ■ Prepare a monthly spending plan
      We will work with you to develop a monthly spending plan based on your income. We will work with you to meet your monthly expenses.
    • Handle Payment of Expenses
      We will deposit or transfer your funds in to the Representative Payee Trust Account to pay your monthly expenses with priorities given to housing, utilities, food, and personal needs.
      You will then receive a personal needs allowance at intervals mutually agreed upon.
    • Work with Social Security and the Veteran’s Administration
      We can assist in filing all necessary reports required by the Social Security Administration, Veteran’s Administration and/or County agencies. Annual reporting will be completed in consistency with required regulations.
  • Your Responsibilities:

    Keep all appointments
    Provide complete information about your income and expenses
    Follow through on referral for supportive and financial service
    Notify us of any changes in:

    • Income
    • Marital status
    • Address
    • Expenses
    • Food stamps
    • Other assistance

     DO NOT take on any new credit, loans, or other obligations without discussing them with us first.



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