CCCS Special Programs tailored to our community’s needs.

Since 1912, we’ve been committed to helping our local community in Minnesota and Wisconsin with their financial goals. 

Don’t let transportation keep you from working.

Our Wheels program can help you get the car you need.

Wheels Program

At Consumer Credit Counseling Service, we know that having reliable transportation is crucial to empowering hard-working members of our community in their job security and financial future. 

We offer the Wheels program as an option to help you secure reliable, affordable transportation, improve your credit ratings, save you interest, and learn about car ownership, budgeting, and financial security. This program is for people who have had a decline in their credit score sometimes due to circumstances outside their control. (score 500 - 625)

To qualify for the Wheels Program, applicants must:

1. Possess and maintain a valid Wisconsin driver's license.

2. Not have any major driving violations in the past 12 months (CCAP).

3. Have no repossessions.

4. Have six months of stable living and employment.

Qualification in this program will be determined at your first appointment and does not guarantee the ability to purchase a vehicle. Individuals still need to meet financial institution guidelines. 

To learn more about the Wheels program and get started, call us at 800-350-2227.

Support your employees with financial education.

And watch them grow at work and in life.

Workplace Financial Wellness

We make learning fun and interactive!


Personal finances are the number one cause of stress for Americans. And yet, personal finance skills are rarely taught in schools. Ease the stress for your employees so they can focus on work again by implementing a workplace financial wellness program. 


A financial wellness program can result in increased morale and reduced stress, as well as fewer 401(k) loans and payroll garnishments. 


CCCS offers programs on topics from credit, to eating well on a budget, to student loans, and more, or we can tailor a presentation to meet the specific needs of your organization.


Please get in touch to learn more about how a workplace financial wellness program can benefit your team and your business as a whole.

Wondering if homeownership is right for you?

Get all your questions answered in our one day workshop.

Homeowner Education: Opening the Door to Homeownership

Required for some Downpayment Assistance programs.


This 6.5 hour, in-person course, is designed to make the home buying process easier to understand. If you’re wondering whether you are ready to take on a mortgage and what exactly is involved in the home buying process, this course is for you.


This complete program includes a follow-up financial counseling session with a certified credit counselor for a $100 fee, conducted on a separate date from the course. Participants will be eligible to receive a certificate upon completing the course and the follow-up counseling session.


Course Fee: Free of charge.


Future classes - to be announced.


To register for this course, call our office at 1-800-350-2227.