Your guide on a path to financial wellness.

Are you ready to experience more confidence and stability in your finances?

Your guide on a path to financial wellness.

Are you ready to experience more confidence and stability in your finances?


At CCCS, we help you...

Learn Financial Skills

Manage your Money

Get Out of Debt in 60 Months

Make Housing Decisions

What You Can Expect with Us

  • Reduced debt

  • Increased savings

  • Improved credit score

  • Confidence using a budget

  • Achieve financial goals

  • Financial stability

  • Better prepared for unexpected expenses

What our customers are saying:

"We wish we would have done this years ago."


"I didn’t think buying a car would be possible with everything we had gone through."


"Thank you for this info. It opened my eyes to a lot of things I was not aware of."

"We didn’t know where to turn…It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders." 


"We sought assistance for resolving our outstanding student loan debt...needless to say, we are very pleased and happy…we think you will be too!"

"I learned a lot and will tell others about this program. I wish I would have taken it at age 16. I wish this was offered in school. It didn’t make me feel stupid, it simply taught me things my lifestyle or family past didn’t teach me before getting in debt. Thank you."


Reach Out



One of our team members will reach out to discuss your needs and set up an appointment with one of our certified counselors.



Meet with your counselor to strategize about reaching your financial goals.


Be Empowered

Leave feeling empowered to take control of your finances and know you can always reach out to your counselor for ongoing support.

No matter what your money situation is, we’re here to help. Using our real-world experience, advice, and solutions tailored to you, we’ll help you create a plan for financial success.

Your 1-Hour Free Consultation Includes:

Know your finances.

We provide a comprehensive financial assessment so you understand everything you need to know about your finances.

Plan your goals and dreams.

We show you what’s possible and help you develop a plan to achieve your financial goals, big and small.

Understand your Credit Score.

We go over your credit history and credit report with you, showing you resources and strategies to increase your credit score.

Take control of your finances.

We tailor your action plan to your specific situation so you can see the path to financial stability.

Ready to stop stressing about money?

The majority of our clients increase savings and decrease debt by 10% in only six months. You can too.

Tip of the Week

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These are tough times. No doubt about it. So what if you’ve used up your emergency fund? Rebuilding happens slowly. Just like the first time. But there are plenty of things you can do to help you get back to where you were. It takes hard work, but it’s worth it for the security you’ll…

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As we move closer and closer to a cashless society, consumers can use credit cards to pay for nearly everything, everywhere these days. BUT…that doesn’t mean you should. Outstanding card debt has now hit its highest point ever, surpassing the $1 trillion mark in 2017 (per the Federal Reserve). Yes, that’s with a “T”. No…

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President’s Executive Actions & Your Finances: Student Loans, Unemployment, and Housing

What do these Executive Actions mean for YOU? Evictions: (No Federal Moratorium for Now) The CARES Act had previously created a moratorium on evictions for federally subsidized housing and properties with federally-backed mortgages. Those protections expired on July 25. (JUST IN: Moratorium extended through December 31, 2020!!) **You can view the press release at…

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Don’t buy bottled water. Seems cheap, but it gets expensive fast. Settle for a filter and you can use tap water! Bonus: Better for the environment too. Make your own coffee. Seems obvious. Use a coffee maker or even a French press instead. Even if you add a flavored creamer…still much less painful on the…

Are you or a loved one unable to manage your finances?

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