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We are certified by the State of Wisconsin Department of Health & Family Services to provide corporate guardianship services to Wisconsin residents. We are appointed and monitored by the circuit court of each county we serve. We currently serve clients throughout the State of Wisconsin.

We serve clients when family is either unavailable or unwilling to serve, or in cases of abuse or neglect, who the court has found to need guardianship services. The person subject to guardianship is referred to as the Ward. There are two types of Guardians: Guardians of the Person and Guardians of the Estate.

Often, one person or agency is appointed to fill both roles. Sometimes, the roles are split between different people or agencies. If split, the both Guardians must work together to meet the Ward’s needs. Both types of Guardians are required by law to make those decisions entrusted to them under the objective standard, “in the Ward’s best interest.”

As Guardian of Person, we assure each client’s medical and personal needs are met. Consideration is given to the wishes of the client and family as it relates to their physical and mental condition, as well as their living environment. We work with various other professionals as client needs arise.

As Guardian of Estate, we provide a broad array of duties and responsibilities relating to financial issues. This includes pursuing and maintaining eligibility of benefits from the State of Wisconsin and managing property and investments. We are capable of handling estates of all sizes and can be bonded upon request of the court.

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