CCCS can help you achieve your dream of homeownership with proper planning, education, and counseling. Explore all of your options to find the best financial solution to enable you to purchase a home, or stay in your current home.


Homeownership doesn’t have to remain a dream.

Turn your dream into a plan with help from CCCS counselors. 

Buying a Home

CCCS counselors are the area’s only HUD-certified counselors and educators, as required for down payment assistance programs. We provide a variety of services related to the home loan process. Every session begins with a holistic understanding of our clients’ financial situation, to determine the best options for them. 

Explore some of the counseling and education options we offer to future homeowners like you:

Pre-Purchase Counseling prepares prospective homeowners with an overall understanding of the home buying process through a two-step method: the Framework Online Homebuyer Course ($75), and a one-hour budget and credit counseling session ($100). These sessions are required for anyone taking advantage of down payment assistance programs. 

Click here to register for the Framework Online Homebuyer Course. After you complete the course, please schedule your one-hour budget and credit counseling session by clicking on the green “Contact Us” button or calling 800-350-CCCS.

High Cost Mortgage Counseling benefits consumers with lower credit scores who are applying for home, consolidation or refinance loans. This one-hour budget and credit counseling session offers valuable information on boosting your credit scores while also teaching you about the details of your loan terms and conditions. These sessions are a requirement for anyone pursuing a High Cost Mortgage Loan. 

First Time Home Buyer Education Classes are conducted at various times throughout the year, and outline the homebuying process from beginning to end. Prospective homebuyers who complete the course receive a certificate of completion and a valuable homebuyers reference manual. 

Afraid you may have to leave your home?

Get in touch right away so we can help you avoid foreclosure.

Preventing Foreclosure

Your home is so much more than a building—it’s a shelter, a place of memories, and a part of your family. If you have fallen behind on mortgage payments and are now facing foreclosure, we can help. The most important thing is to get in touch with CCCS as soon as possible. 


Our counselors will get to know you and your situation, examine all possible options, and work with you and your lender to create a plan for moving forward. We can help you stay in your home and achieve your future financial goals. 


CCCS does not provide any legal advice. Please contact an attorney with your legal questions.

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