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Get ready! 2021 is literally around the corner! And just like starting fresh in the new year is a great goal for weight loss, exercise and all the other common new year’s resolutions…it’s the perfect time to think FINANCIAL FREEDOM in 2021!!

This past year has been a rollercoaster. No doubt about it. Time to take control and feel the power you can obtain over your finances.

DEBT FREE does not equal wealth.

OF COURSE, becoming debt free is one of the MOST freeing accomplishments. Focus on it; however, know that it does not equal wealth.

While increasing your monthly cash flow and reducing debt is VITAL to move on in your financial freedom, there are options in HOW to do so while also preparing to build wealth. It’s all about the numbers. Remember your math teacher, telling you how important math would be in your life???

Create a moderate debt pay down plan, then use the excess money to learn, earn, and grow your savings and investments. Make your money earn you more money!

IF you focus on debt-free only, that’s what you get, no debt. IF you shift your focus to gaining wealth, you get opportunities, debt freedom, savings, and money in the bank.

Time for a 2021 shift in focus! You can do it. We can help.


Allow yourself flexibility to pursue the unexpected in your life.

Job changes are scary. But sometimes…it’s that one change that feeds your LIFE CHANGE.

Keep working hard. Do your best job ever. But keep an eye out for other opportunities and be OPEN to change.

A better paying job or better schedule could open up choices in how you become debt-free, plan to purchase a home, or spend more time with family. Having choices holds great power. Be open to change when it’s for the betterment of your life: financial, family, and well-being.


Your savings rate (the percentage of your income that you save) is the most important number in your financial life. More important than your credit score! (Yes, I said it.)

There’s a direct correlation between the percentage of your income that you save and the number of years it will take you to reach financial independence.

You know how to get to the “more savings” part. You do.

REMEMBER: Progress is sometimes disguised as failure.

You’ve heard it before: learn from your mistakes. Even in your failures, you have the opportunity to learn and apply your knowledge to the next endeavor.

You have to be your greatest advocate. In all realms of your life: relationships, pursuit of happiness, security and finances.


You CAN do it. We are here to help. Make 2021 the year: FINANCIAL FREEDOM AWAITS.

Holli Lewandowski, Certified Credit Counselor, Educator, and Advocate