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You can do it! It will change your life.

**This is NOT a guide to becoming debt-free in 21 days but instead 21 days of motivation, inspiration, and action to FINALLY get started!**

This is a guide to change the way you think about money.

Day 1: Plan with your partner (or self) a day to review finances, health, and other things that are meaningful to you. Set the date. Write it down, Commit to it. Choose a time when you can have an hour or two with no kids or distractions. Have a conversation. Daydream a bit…” I think it would be awesome to…” Ask questions like why now or why not now? Set up another time to check in.

Day 2: See your money on paper. WRITE it all down. What’s going in. What’s going out. What you own. What you owe.

Day 3: Let go of the guilt. Seriously. Lose the guilt and shame around your past money behavior. You are about to make a change. Focus on that.

Day 4: Write down why you want to be debt-free. Don’t skip this step. Do it.

Day 5: Write down how you think you’ll feel when you don’t owe anything. (Note: It will make you feel 1000 times better than what you think.)

Day 6: Start saving $1000 for an emergency fund – even if that looks like $1 a day or a week at first.

Day 7: Cut needless expenses. Cable TV?

Day 8: Write down everything you can sell.

Day 9: Decide where to sell the stuff. (Think yard sales, FB Marketplace, consignment stores…)

Day 10: Get the stuff up for sale.

Day 11: Make a list of ways to generate extra income. Walk dogs? House sit? Donate plasma?

Day 12: Curate your social media feeds to support your debt-free journey. Stop following shopping brands or sites.

Day 13: Review day with your partner or self!! Make a debt-free plan.

Day 14: Cut up your cards. (Don’t close the accounts though.) Have the great credit card debate after you are debt free. For now, remove the temptation.

Day 15: Revisit your answers to #4 and #5. Read them again.

Day 16: Celebrate the beginning of a new, sometimes hard, but very rewarding adventure! You’re on your way to becoming debt-free. Your mind is ready now!!

Excerpted from Courtney Carver